If you are like me and hundreds of other residents, you are probably outraged over the recent unacceptable announcements from Discovery Bay Transportation Services Limited (DBTPL). If not you should be.

Why does this monopoly have the right to unilaterally adjust the ferry schedule on January 1 without consulting the thousands of residents whose lives it affects?

How can this company justify an unbelievable 34% increase in ferry fares in the midst of the worst economic crisis we have ever faced?

This price hike is now before the Transport Department. In the unthinkable scenario that it is approved, many families will be doomed. We must act now and we must act together!

Since our peaceful demonstration on November 30, the Discovery Bay Passenger Liaison Group (DBPLG) has submitted a 51-page "A Better Way Forward" proposal to the Commissioner for Transport and Secretary for Transport and Housing. Members of the DBPLG and I will have a meeting with the Transport Department this Friday. We must aggressively fight this ill-conceived proposal by DBTPL as it is possible that the Transport Department may be led to believe it is somehow merited.

Meanwhile, we are planning our next phase of the campaign to ensure that we continue to enjoy the DB ferry services at a fair and reasonable price and schedule. But we can't do it without you.

Therefore, we are asking you now to take on the following two simple actions:
1) Forward this email to as many friends and contacts living in Discovery Bay and ask them to join the campaign to protect their rights by emailing to amyung@netvigator.com;
2) Pass on any email addresses of those whom you know care about the development of the DB ferry services and who are interested in being part of this effort.

I'll be back in touch after the meeting with the Transport Department to discuss the next steps to defend our rights.