Thank you for the tremendous support you have shown thus far in our efforts to fight the monopolistic actions of Hong Kong Resort (HKR), especially those newcomers who came aboard after our last email.

As many of you probably know, a contingent of the Discovery Bay Passenger Liaison Group met with the Transport Department (TD) last Friday, February 13 to bring to light some "facts" behind HKR's misleading survey and inappropriate edicts on curtailing ferry sailings and raising fares. We urged the Transport Department to return the application to Discovery Bay Transportation Services Limited and HKR, as circumstances have changed dramatically since the application was made. For example, the survey was done when the price of oil was US$150 a barrel with no sign of coming down. Last week it was US$34 a barrel. If anything, ferry fares should be reduced!

The battle is far from over. A time bomb is now ticking on our doorstep. TD has stated that the fare review must be concluded by the 30th April, when the current ferry service licence expires, leaving little time to address the many unanswered questions or for proper consultation.

Clearly, we need to ramp up the pressure as we cannot simply rely on the TD's normal reviewing process to dictate our destiny. We must continue to stand together on this very important issue and not let up in our demands to have this unjustified fare hike and ferry schedule overturned.

We shall finalise our "battle plan" shortly and will be calling on you within the next two weeks to help us show HKR and TD that we intend to stand by our rights as citizens of Hong Kong and simply refuse to accept this outrageous 34% fare increase.

Thanks to your support, we have over 1,000 new email sign-ups since my last update. Please continue to use every opportunity to voice our concerns on the basic rights of not just DB residents, but all people of Hong Kong who have to rely on vital services from monopolistic organisations. Please continue to help us by:
1) Forwarding this email to as many friends and contacts living in Discovery Bay and ask them to join the campaign to protect their rights by emailing to; and
2) Passing on any email addresses of those who are interested in being part of this effort.