The Discovery Bay Passenger Liaison Group (PLG) met with the Transport Department (TD) on 13th February, 2009 to relay your views on the application for a fare increase and service revamp submitted by Discovery Bay Transportation Services Limited (DBTPL).

During the meeting, the PLG expressed their concerns about the tight schedule for the licence renewal by 30th April, 2009, sharp fall in oil prices, inadequacy of consultation, completion of the ferry pier and transport interchange in Yi Pak Wan, etc. Also, the PLG pressed for a series of meetings convened between the PLG and DBTPL with TD present. While TD was not in a position to make any immediate commitments to the points raised, they noted the points and agreed to follow them up with the parties concerned. Meanwhile, TD agreed to facilitate a meeting between the PLG and DBTPL with TD present to help foster a constructive dialogue.

In order to abide by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, I am unable to share the email names that I have collected during the course of the signature campaign with the PLG. Therefore, the PLG has asked me to email the notes of the meeting held on 13th February, 2009, between the PLG and the TD on the PLG's behalf.