Your Silence is HK Resort’s GOLD!
Stop HK Resort’s Endless Rip Off!

It is becoming painfully obvious that Hong Kong Resort (HKR) has little regard for the well-being of the residents who have helped to build Discovery Bay into a financial windfall. This monopoly cares only about further lining its pockets with our hard-earned and dwindling incomes. Our ongoing efforts to stop HKR from ripping us off with an unacceptable fare hike and schedule change have now reached a very critical point.

Despite Discovery Bay Passenger Liaison Group’s (PLG) pushing the interests of DB residents to the discomfort of DBTPL during the two tripartite meetings held with Discovery Bay Transportation Services Limited (DBTPL) and the Transport Department (TD) on 19 and 30 March, respectively, DBTPL still insists on an unacceptable and unjustified fare hike close to 30 percent.

Regrettably, TD has given little weight to the many unanswered questions we raised regarding the size of the ferry fleet and transparency of DBTPL’s income and expenses. DBTPL has glossed these over with its own internal financial reporting. Can anyone believe DBTPL is not making a profit when they have cut the schedule and fuel cost are only a fraction of the all-time-high on which the proposal was based? Why should DB residents have to shoulder the burden of a mis-managed fleet and give the monopoly over HK$10 million a year in fare increments?

In December, HKR refused to keep sufficient vessels in running order, forcing TD to agree to a reduced morning schedule. Now the Discovery Bay ferry service licence is due to expire at the end of April and, even though TD has given HKR the green light to apply for an extension to allow sufficient time to settle outstanding issues on fares, schedule, transparency of operation, fleet deployment, etc, HKR refused!

Now, as in December, HKR is trying to run out the clock and putting intense pressure on TD to approve their application, or else …

If HKR had residents’ interests in mind, why haven't they responded earlier to PLG’s repeated requests to discuss solutions? The monopoly clearly shows their total lack of regard for the burdens these changes would cause DB residents, not unlike the abuse we experienced when they unilaterally changed the ferry schedule on January 1 and, recently, the T-card validity period.

We cannot let them get away with it again! We must tell HKR that enough is enough! Unless we stand together now, the licence will be renewed for 10 years on HKR’s terms!

I would like to call on all DB residents to join our protests in the next couple of weeks to further communicate our anger and force HKR and DBTPL to stop their self-serving ploy. I shall be in touch again next week to confirm the details. Meanwhile, please use every opportunity to spread our concerns to any DB residents that you know, so they too can sign up to support our fight.