With the support of many concerned DB residents, our battle to stop HK Resort’s Ferry Rip-Off took a major positive step forward on Tuesday. Our press event received strong coverage in both English language dailies and several Chinese papers and HK Resort’s so-called sharing session was attended by hundreds of outraged residents who made it very clear to both the ferry company managers and the representatives of the Transport Department that WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS ABUSE!

However, the battle for the ferry service is far from being over and we must continue to fight for our rights and our future:

Your Silence is HK Resort’s GOLD!
Put an end to HK Resort’s HK$10,000,000+ rip off!

Are YOU willing to let the monopoly take an extra 25-30% fare from you and
your family (or HK$10,000,000+ a year)?

Are YOU furious that the monopoly didn’t even bother to consult you before
they adjusted the ferry schedule in January and cut the T-card expiry
period to two months?

Are YOU outraged by their dirty trick of threatening to cancel the overnight services
And now asking for an arbitrary surcharge of HK$20?

Public transport services are supposed to be regulated with transparency of financial and ridership position.
Why should they be entitled to secrecy under the guise of “commercial sensitivity”?


Stand up and join our protest on APRIL 18!
Defend yourselves from HK Resort’s monopolistic abuse!

Time: April 18 2009 (Saturday), 3:00pm
Place: Public Open Space outside Pier 3 in Central, Hong Kong

Voice our concerns; let HK Resort know we will not remain silent on these abuses.

Bring your friends, families, helpers and dogs, forward this message to more people…one way or the other, please show your support by showing up.

Even if you aren’t ferry riders, if HK Resort can get away with the ferry fare hike this time, imagine what might happen next to the bus fare? We need everyone’s support to show Government our zero tolerance of the socially irresponsible behavior of HK Resort.

The backing of each and every one of you counts! ACT NOW! Your action will have far reaching implications for the future of our lives in DB.