Islands District Council
Traffic and Transport Committee
Paper T&TC 18/2021
Question on arbitrary changes to bus frequency and routing of residents’ service
Ms Amy YUNG notified this Council that she would raise the following enquiry at the Traffic and Transport Committee (T&TC) meeting to be held on 22 March 2021:
“  At the T&TC meeting held on 16 November last year, I proposed that any changes made to the residents’ service (RS) contract terms such as routing, bus frequency and fare should be agreed and signed by Discovery Bay Transit Services Limited (DBSML) (Operator) and Discovery Bay Services Management Limited (DBSML) (User Group Representative) on behalf of owners and the contract be registered with the Transport Department (TD).
In the written reply, DBSML stated that commercial elements were involved and refused to provide a copy of the contract (see attached).  The chairman of Passenger Liaison Group drove away the residents in attendance last year, showing that the document attached stated that DBSML met with resident representatives regularly to seek their views was not true.
In this connection, I request the representative of TD to explain the operation of RS and indicate whether a copy of the contract should be produced.
I also request DBSML which acts as the User Group Representative to pledge to consult Discovery Bay City Owners’ Committee beforehand if there are any changes to RS contract terms in the future.  ”
Islands District Council Secretariat
File Ref.: IS 141/4/02
Date: 5 March 2021 
Question on arbitrary changes to bus frequency and 
routing of Discovery Bay Residents’ Service (RS)
(Paper T&TC 63/2020)
Written Reply of Discovery Bay Services Management Limited
We provide residents’ service as appropriate in compliance with the Deed of Mutual Covenant of Discovery Bay and the residents’ service company is required to monitor closely the passenger demand and travelling pattern.  We understand that the company meets with the resident representatives regularly via the Passenger Liaison Group to seek their views so as to enhance the service, and the residents’ service is subject to stringent supervision by the Transport Department.
Since commercial elements are involved, we regret that we cannot provide the content of the contract unilaterally. 
November 2020