2020 Survey on Replacing Overnight Ferry Service with Bus Service 
As you recall, I conducted 2 surveys last year on HKR’s proposals to replace the overnight ferry service with buses. From each survey, I received around 1,000 replies, with 90% and 80% respectively of respondents opposing the proposals. In view of the overwhelming opposition, HKR had to abandon their plan.  
During the last few months, as a result of the decrease in ridership during the pandemic, HKR applied to the Transport Department (TD) on a temporary renewal basis to provide overnight buses instead of ferries. Whilst I have no strong objection to such an arrangement during this difficult time, I do think that a proper consultation should be conducted should there be any changes to the ferry licence conditions when we return to normal life. 
Please refer to the Information Note and Annex 1 for details of the cancelled ferry sailings and the proposed new bus departure times. 
Residents can fill in the questionnaires to express your views. After collecting your views, I will prepare a summary of the result with your comments (anonymous) and sent it to Transport Department for their consideration.