MTR Temporarily Strengthens Non-Peak Hour Services 
to Cope with Passengers’ Needs 
MTR Corporation closely monitors the railway service and patronage.  In view of the latest development of the COVID-19 pandemic and the gradual resumption of provision of public services by the Government, after prudent consideration, the Corporation will temporarily enhance some non-peak hour services starting from 24 August 2020 (Monday) to provide greater convenience to passengers.  
During the pandemic, the Corporation has been maintaining train services during weekday peak hours** and has adjusted non-peak-hour services due to the decrease in patronage. Considering that passenger demand for railway service may increase as the Government gradually resumes the provision of public services, train service on all heavy rail lines (except Disneyland Resort Line and the Airport Express) will be enhanced from 9:00am to10:30am and from 8:00pm to 9:30pm on weekdays, right after the normal weekday peak hours. Strengthened train frequency will be deployed during these periods in a flexible manner to accommodate the public’s travel needs. (please refer to the annex)  
The service pattern of other periods will remain unchanged. The Corporation will continue to closely monitor the changes in patronage and demand, as well as the operation of the MTR network, and make timely adjustments to train services when necessary. 
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