Ferry schedule seems to back to normal after I sent out the following letter to the Transport Department.

Thank you for your kind explanation of the function of the Passenger Liaison Group (PLG) during the Islands District Council Meeting this Monday, which is to collect the views of the commuters at larger. Regular meetings should be arranged by the transportation companies and notices given to the commuters for them to attend the meetings and express their views.

That said, Discovery Bay’s PLG is totally against such a practice of consulting and collecting commuters’ views before the implementation of any changes.

At present, the PLG is controlled by HKR’s Transport Department. The composition of the PLG and its rules are dictated by them. At the last PLG meeting held on 20 January 2020, their Senior Chief Manager (Transport), Sophia Woo, spent the first 10 minutes of the meeting trying to evict a DB resident, an observer who just sat quietly at the back seat hoping to get some information of the discussion. Such blatant behavior of Sophia Woo is totally unacceptable and is against the spirit of the PLG.

Since last Saturday, 22 February, the ferry schedule, a licenced service, has been cut down without prior notice, not to mention any consultation. The bus (RS) schedules have the same fate. Such changes have caused a lot of inconvenience to DB residents. I also copy this email to your Ferry and Paratransit Division for their investigation to see if HKR has violated any licence conditions.

Since HKR’s Transport Department has a habit of not following the due process, could the Transport Complaint Unit also conduct an investigation of their ferry operation and RS?