A Kind Reminder 


Dear DB residents,

Re: 2nd Survey on Replacing Overnight Ferry Service with Bus Service


As you will recall, late last year I conducted a survey on HKR’s proposal to replace the overnight ferry service with buses. I received around 1,000 replies, with 90% of respondents opposing the proposal.

In view of the overwhelming opposition, HKR has now revised its plan and made a new application to Transport Department (TD). The number of ferry sailings affected is reduced, the number of bus departures increased and the proposed bus fare reduced from $42 to $38. Please refer to the Information Note and Annex 1 for details of the cancelled ferry sailings and the proposed new bus departure times.

Kindly let me have your views on the revised proposal by completing the Online Submission or by return email to me on or before Friday, 30 August 2019.

After collecting your views, I will prepare a summary of the result with your comments (anonymous) and send it to TD for their consideration.

(Please do not send more than one reply to me to eliminate double counting. Thank you!)

Information Note: 


Annex 1: