I am pleased to announce that the CE has acceded to our request to include the DB – Central route in the Special Helping Measures for ferry services.

As you will recall, HKR stated in their Revised DB Overnight Transport Proposal, issued on 15th June, that "DB has been unfairly excluded from the Government's Special Helping Measures ferry subsidy scheme".

Your replies to my survey were crucial in achieving this win for DB residents when HKR had stopped fighting for us. I now call on HKR to withdraw their proposal to replace the overnight ferry service with busses.

Policy Address - Relieving the Burden of Commuting
42. Third, in view of the operating difficulties faced by the outlying island ferry services in HongKong, the Government has been providing Special Helping Measures to six outlying island ferry routes since 2011 in order to maintain services and reduce the impact of fare increases on passengers. We will extend these measures to eight other outlying island ferry routes. Annual expenditure for subsidising these 14 ferry routes is about $260 million. We will also replace the entire fleets of 11 ferry routes and introduce greener vessels within around a decade from 2021 in two phases, which involves the purchase of 47 new vessels to enhance service quality and promote environmental protection.