Transport Dept’s reply on our various concerns on road safety and bus & ferry services:

Thank you for your e-mails dated 18 November, 2 December and 17 December 2019. Our reply is given below:

Temperature of Bus and Ferry Compartments

Upon receipt of your case, we have requested the operator of Discovery Bay ("DB") residents’ services (RS), Discovery Bay Transit Services Limited ("DBTSL"), to suitably adjust the temperature of air-conditioners for buses operating RS for the comfort of the passengers. DBTSL replied that most of the buses deployed to operate RS in DB had automatic mode which allowed preset of constant temperature. The setting of most buses is standardized at 23 degree Celsius. Cooler will be turned off automatically when temperature in bus compartment has reached or below this temperature. However, some older buses are without automatic mode. Yet, DBTSL have a plan to replace those older buses in the coming years. We would continue to pay attention to the matter in DB in our site inspection; and any abnormal situation found would be referred to DBTSL for their necessary actions.

Regarding the temperature inside the ferry compartment, we have also requested the operator, Discovery Bay Transportation Services Limited ("DBTPL"), to investigate into the issue. According to DBTPL, the temperature inside the compartment would currently be set at about 23 degree Celsius. According to the investigation result of DBTPL, they have studied the temperature record of October 2019 and found that the temperature was kept at around 23 degree Celsius in general. Nevertheless, while it is noted that the actual temperature may be affected by and varied with the outside temperature, we had requested DBTPL to closely monitor and suitably adjust the temperature inside the ferry compartment as appropriate to ensure it is at an acceptable level for a comfortable passenger ride. Besides, DBTPL has also briefed their frontline staffs for particular attention to the captioned matters.

Door Closing Sound for Buses

For the concern on the door closing sound of the buses in DB causing disturbance to the passengers, we have requested DBTSL to examine what could be done to improve the situation with a view to providing a better riding experience to the passengers. DBTSL replied that the purpose of the doorbell sound is to alert passengers on board that bus doors are closing and it is a standard safety facility. Nevertheless, DBTSL has carried out appropriate action to reduce the sound level to address the concern of the complainant.

Speeding in DB

Regarding the speeding issue in DB, we have requested the Police to step up enforcement actions. The Police replied that two enforcement actions were taken in December 2019 with a view to addressing the community’s concern on speeding in DB. No speeding was observed during theactions. Nevertheless, we would continue to pay attention to the matter in DB in our site inspection; and any abnormal situation found would be referred to the Police for their necessary actions.

Besides, we have expressed our grave concern of the subject case to the management company of DB in view of the safety concern. We have also urged the management company to alert the drivers in DB to drive in accordance with the relevant ordinance and regulation to ensure road safety in DB. We note that the management company of DB had given you a reply about their investigation result on 12 December 2019.

Driver’s behavior of a hire car in DB

We have requested and urged the management company of DB to provide you a reply after their investigation.

Thank you for bring the matters into our attention.