Culture and Heritage Commission Secretariat
      c/o Islands District Council Secretariat

12 December 2002

Dear Sir /Madam

Views on Culture and Heritage Commission Consultation Paper 2002

Titled as <<Diversity with Identity; Evolution through Innovation>>, the Culture and Heritage Commission Consultation Paper 2002 (paper) presented some recommendations on the future cultural development in Hong Kong, my views on the paper are as follows:

1. Education in Culture and the Arts
Education in culture and the arts is important to cultural development. I suggest government to include culture and the arts as the core curriculum in primary and secondary schools and strengthen the cultural education in university. For example, the Chinese Civilisation Courses are offered as compulsory subject in the City University of Hong Kong. With better education in culture and the arts at all levels of education, the government can establish a solid foundation for the development of creative industry.

I support the recommendation in the paper that using partnerships and community involvement to enhance the education in culture and the arts. By the close coordination between community organizations, cultural institutions and the government, it can motivate more people to participate in cultural and arts activities and increase the value of arts among public. I also support the ideas to ensure the continuity of arts education; to develop a diversified arts curriculum and to raise the quality of teachers.

2. Community-driven
I agree with the paper’s idea that cultural development should be community driven. Government should step back from direct involvement and management of cultural activities and facilities; this not only increases the flexibility of the cultural development, but also allows cultural institutions to handle the resources available for cultural development with greater room.

3. Funding scheme
I prefer the funding scheme to be community driven. Past experience told us that most of the resources were spend on performing arts and several related flagship arts groups, this in turn snuffed the development of other cultural institutions. The paper recommend to establish a “Culture Foundation” which is mainly composed of community members to manage all the funding applications, this can embody the idea of community driven and ensure equal opportunity for different cultural institutions to apply for the funding.

Yours sincerely

Amy Yung
Islands District Council Member
Discovery Bay