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Updated News on 24 March 2016: The District Lands Office, Islands has contacted HKR concerning the matter. Plese see the letter below for details:

Dear Ms. YUNG

Thank you for your emails dated 14.3.2016 and 17.3.2016 in this series.

According to the approved master plan of the subject lot, the area concerned lies within Area 17 which is designated as “Residents Club”. Any use of this area shall comply with the relevant land grant conditions and the master plan as well as the Town Planning Ordinance.

HKR has been requested to provide necessary information in connection with the subject matter. We will further review the information upon receipt and consult relevant Government departments, where appropriate. Should any non-conforming use be found, appropriate action would be taken by this office.

Best regards,
District Lands Office / Islands



Updated News on 23 March 2016: After we have got the letter from the District Planning officer yesterday, they have contacted HKR concerning the matter.



Ms. TAM Yiu Ping, Donna
District Planning Officer/Sai Kung & Islands District
Planning Department
15/F., Sha Tin Government Officers
1 Sheung Wo Che Road
Sha Tin, N.T.

Mr. LI Kin Nga, Denis
District Lands Officer/Islands
19/f., Harbour Building
38 Pier Road, Central
Hong Kong

Dear Ms. Tam & Mr. Li,
Re: Unauthorized Change of Land Use at Discovery Bay Recreation Club
I am writing to file a complaint against Hong Kong Resort Company Limited (HKR) for acting in violation of the Outline Zoning Plan No. S/I-DB/4 (OZP) and the latest approved Master Layout Plan No. 6.01E (MLP).
HKR posted a notice on the noticeboard of the Discovery Bay Recreation Club on 11 March, 2016, advising members that the “lawn area adjacent to the Discovery Bay Recreation Club “ will be resumed by HKR on 24 March, 2016. Please refer to the attached notice.
It has further been learned that HKR plans to convert this area into a general vehicle parking area. The area concerned lies within the land zoned for Sports and Recreation Club use on the OZP, and for Residents Club on the MLP. I understand that Vehicle Parking Area is not an approved use under either the MLP or the OZP. While Planning and Lands Departments may show some discretion to allow parking for visitors to the Club, a stand-alone car park for general use, unassociated with the Club, is clearly contrary to the land use and planning requirements.
Discovery Bay residents have organised a petition and over the last weekend hundreds of signatures have been collected to object to HKR’s plan. Please refer to the following hyperlink for details:
I would be grateful if you follow up immediately to seek an explanation from the developer, pending full consultation under the statutory process.
Yours sincerely,
Amy Yung



Dear Ms. Yung,

        Thank you for your emails dated 14.3.2016 and 17.3.2016 regarding the subject matter.  

        With the help of your photos, it is identified that the subject site (as indicated on the photos attached to your email of 17.3.2016) falls within an area zoned "Other Specified Uses" annotated "Sports and Recreation Club (1)" on the approved Discovery Bay Outline Zoning Planning (OZP) No. S/I-DB/4.  According to the Notes of the OZP, "Golf Cart Parking" is neither a Column 1 nor Column 2 use while "Private Club" (the current use) is a Column 1 use which is always permitted. The covering Notes of the OZP also stipulates that all building, engineering and other operations incidental to and all uses directly related and ancillary to the permitted uses and developments within the same zone(s) are always permitted.  So far, no planning application for "Golf Cart Parking" use at the subject site has been received.

        We shall continue to monitor the subject site. Should any development at the subject site be found contravening the requirements of the OZP, appropriate action would be taken by relevant government authorities. In the meantime, we shall write to the Hong Kong Resort Company Ltd. drawing their attention to relevant requirements in the OZP. Thank you for bringing up the matter to our attention.

Best regards,
Richard Siu
for District Planning Officer/SKIs