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Dear DB residents,

As your District Council Member, I have always been concerned about the inadequate public medical facilities in the District. The Tung Chung Health Centre only provides limited medical care. The nearest hospital is Princess Margaret Hospital, situated in Kwai Chung. It provides a full set of medical services including 24-hour Accident and Emergency ("A&E") and In-patient Services. However, the long distance and travelling time make it very inconvenient for DB residents to seek public medical care.

I am pleased to inform you that the situation will soon improve, with the completion of Phase I of the HK$2.5 billion North Lantau Hospital Project ("NLTH"), a seven-storey new building. Medical services will be provided w.e.f. 24th September, 2013. The NLTH will be put into operation by phases. The details are set out below for your information.

1.      Accident & Emergency ("A&E") Department

Due to a shortage of medical staff, the Hospital Authority ("HA") indicates that the A&E Department will provide limited services at the initial stage. The service hours will be extended in phases and eventually to 24 hours subject to the availability of new medical graduates. There is a Trauma and Emergency Centre equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment. There will be no Neurosurgery Department and Intensive Care Unit for the time being. In the event of large scale of casualties victims will be sent to different hospitals, such as Princess Margaret Hospital, etc., in accordance with the established protocols. 

The operating hours for the A&E Department in three phases are as follows:

1)      24th September, 2013 till the end of this year: 9:00am till 5:00pm daily;

2)      January, 2014 till the second quarter of 2014: 8:00am till 12:00am daily; and

3)      From the third quarter of 2014: 24 hours service depending on the availability of medical staff.

2.      In-patient Care Services

NLTH will not provide In-patient Care Services at its initial stage. Patients will be transferred to Princess Margaret Hospital. The 160 inpatient beds will be fully operational by phases starting from the third quarter of 2014 when the A&E Department operates around the clock.

3.      General Out-patient Department

The Tung Chung General Out-patient Clinic in Tung Chung Health Centre will suspend its services at 1:00pm on 28th September, 2013 and be relocated to NLTH. The latter will recommence operation at 9:00am on 30th September, 2013. HA will contact relevant chronic patients to make new appointments for regular follow-up consultations at NLTH. Patients may also make appointments for out-patient services at NLTH through HA's hotline system. The space vacated by the Tung Chung Health Centre will then be developed into a Chinese Medicine Clinic.

4.      Specialist Outpatient Clinic

Provision of medicine and psychiatry services will be in place in September, 2013 to handle referrals from major departments such as the A&E Department and Tung Chung General Out-patient Clinic to meet community needs.

5.      Community Outreach Services

Community Nursing Services, Geriatric Outreach and Psychiatry Outreach Services will also be in place this September.

6.      Allied Health Services

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Services will be in operation to support follow-up care of patients referred from the A&E Department, Tung Chung General Out-patient Clinic and the Specialist Out-patient Clinic.

7.      Others

Other facilities such as emergency laboratory, A&E radiology suite and computed tomography scanner will be available to support the clinical services. The timetable for the introduction of other services, such as Day Care Centre with 20 day-beds, Surgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Gynecology, and Pediatrics, etc. has yet to be announced.

The HA shall commission the remaining services of NLTH in the coming years subject to the availability of resources and manpower. The hospital will liaise with the Fire Services Department on the service areas. Regarding ambulance services for non-emergency cases, NLTH has allocated resources with additional vehicles and manpower to meet the needs of the community. When NLTH is in full operation, the government will start planning the development of Phase II taking into consideration the evaluation of the Phase I service and the healthcare needs of the local community. I will continue to follow up the medical service requirements and developments in the Islands District Council and report to DB owners and residents.

In the meantime, the Hospital Authority (HA) has arranged for 35 DB residents to visit the NLTH. Details are as follows:

Date:                       Friday, 23rd August, 2013

Time:                       11:00am to noon

We’ll meet at the DR01R Terminus at Tung Chung at 10:35am. Those who are interested please contact Mr. Felix Lee at 2541-5103/9038-4115 for enrollment.

Attached are a picture of the hospital and its location site map.

Wish you all good health!

Yours sincerely,

Amy Yung


Islands District Council Member (Discovery Bay)


P.S. Relevant Information:


North Lantau Hospital

Address: Chung Yan Road, Tung Chung, next to Yat Tung Estate

Tel: 3467 7000 (w.e.f. 24th September)


Tung Chung Health Centre

Address: 6 Fu Tung Street, Tung Chung

General Enquiry Tel: 2109 6830

Appointment Tel: 3157 0106


Princess Margaret Hospital

Address: 2-10 Princess Margaret Hospital Road

Tel: 2990 1111