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 Dear DB residents

Since the City Owners' Committee (COC) was made aware that the current regulations governing the Discovery Bay Tunnel permit the passage of vehicles serving the disabled, the elderly and the sick, the COC has been exploring a number of options to improve services to these residents. As part of this effort, I have approached various companies and professional bodies to seek their assistance. I am very pleased to announce that a donor has come forward to pledge the gift of a specially equipped vehicle, or rehabus, to the Discovery Bay community, and that we can now move forward on planning for the provision of these needed services.

I announced the good news at the COC meeting on Wednesday, 31st August, 2011. A working group was set up under the COC to study the logistics. Initially we agree on the following points:

1.          The rehabus will provide service to the disabled, elderly, ill and pregnant women. The users must be DB residents.

2.          The rehabus will provide door to door service, i.e. from the user’s home to hospital, clinic, and other destinations in HK, and vice versa.

3.          Those accompanying or attending to the users are also allowed to accompany the users during the journeys.

4.          The service will run on a non-profit-making basis. Fees will be charged to cover the operating cost.

5.          Booking should be made in advance and on a first-come first-served basis.

The rehabus has the advantage that it offers a dedicated, bookable door-to-door service, both to destinations within DB and elsewhere in HK. It will not be restricted to DB North as taxis will be, and change-over to hire car, golf cart and shuttle bus is not required. Disabled, elderly or sick residents will not have to queue or worry when a taxi will come. The service will also limit traffic into DB, which is a great worry of some DB residents due to safety, security and pollution issues.

I am also very pleased to announce that my efforts to encourage Transport Department (TD) to de-bundle the Taxi & Coach package proposed by Hong Kong Resort Co. Ltd. (HKR) have been successful. I understand that both TD and our residents have concerns over the control of coaches. I hope that by de-bundling the HKR application for taxis and coaches, coupled with the introduction of the rehabus, we can move forward and strike a balance among different views in our community while taking care of those who are in need.

In the meantime, I welcome your opinions and suggestions while we work out the logistics of the rehabus. I also list below the web-site of non-emergency service provided to the general public in Hong Kong, including DB.



Yours sincerely

Amy Yung

Islands District Council Member (Discovery Bay)