The school facilities are situated at Area N4A and N4B respectively. In Area N4A, a primary-cum-secondary “through-train” school will be built. In Area N4B, there will be a private independent school.

Area N4A

According to the conditions of the land lease, the developer is required to build a 30-classroom primary school. In consideration of the regional needs, the School Allocation Committee of the Education and Manpower Bureau has allocated Catholic Diocesan of Hong Kong the premises for the operation of a primary-cum-secondary school (12 classrooms and 18 classrooms respectively). Since the newly proposed facilities and requirements of the school differ from that of the land lease, the government needs to negotiate with the developer on the premium for the change and no agreement has been reached at the present moment.

Area N4B

The English Schools Foundation (ESF) will employ private architect to design and build the proposed private independent school. The government will provide the land and a non-recurrent Capital Grant for the establishment. After the consultation process, ESF will submit their proposal to the LegCo Public Works Subcommittee for approval and to the LegCo Finance Committee for fund allocation. It is anticipated that the construction work will begin in February 2006 and will be completed in January 2008.