I have been in full support of the Private Independent School ever since it was announced by the Education and Manpower Bureau in 2003.


In April 2005, ESF presented their architectural design and plan to Discovery Bay residents. Residents raised their concerns on the size and height of the building, and the transportation arrangements both during the construction stage and after the opening of the school which will eventually take up 1,300 students.


Late last year, two groups of residents (both in favour of the PIS) organised separate signature campaigns: one wants the ESF to address the outstanding issues mentioned above, and the other wants ESF to go ahead with their project immediately. As your District Council Member, I then organized a meeting for the representatives of these two groups to meet with ESF, their architect, and the relevant Government Departments on 6 December, 2005 to discuss the issue, hoping to come up with a plan which is acceptable to all parties concerned. It is a pity that HKR declined the invitation and no representative from the developer turned up at the meeting.


At the conclusion of the meeting I volunteered to organize a Town Hall Meeting in Discovery Bay for residents to understand the latest development and to seek a consensus so that the project can proceed without undue delay. The Islands District Office was tasked to contact HKR for the venue of the meeting. As far as I understand they have yet to receive HKR’s reply.


In the meantime, I list the sequence of events for your information and will keep DB residents informed once the date and place of the meeting have been secured.