Further to my letter dated 1 May 2008, I am pleased to inform you that after a meeting this morning with the Education Bureau (EDB), Dr. Hon Fernando Cheung, myself and representatives of the residents, EDB agreed to recommend to the Secondary School Places Allocation Committee to re-consider the decision on re-allocating the school net of SKH Wei Lun Primary School to the Islands school net (NT9).

EDB informed us that a Working Group is presently going through a review of the structure of all 18 school nets in Hong Kong, which should be completed by the 2009-2010 school year. One of the suggestions before the Working Group is to include Tung Chung in the New Territories West District and Discovery Bay and the other outlying islands in the Central and Western District (Net HK1).

We have confirmed to EDB that Discovery Bay supports such a solution. EDB confirmed that our views and all petitions collected in support of this will be taken back to the Working Group. We also confirmed to EDB that we would like to actively participate in the review.

There is more good news for Wei Lun. It has been invited by EDB to participate in the small class teaching project.

EDB confirmed that they are eager to proceed with the building of the government-aided primary-cum-secondary school, sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. It would be a school comprising of a 12-classroom primary section and a 18-classroom secondary section. Since the school has to be built by Hong Kong Resort (HKR), the price difference between the original configuration (a 30-classroom primary school) and the new one still has to be settled.

Nevertheless, a recommendation from EDB to the Director of Lands to inform HKR to proceed with the building of the school is now within reach.

EDB has not yet been able to assure that it will be an English medium of instruction (EMI) school, even though demand is obviously in favour of an EMI school. It will take several years to get the school built. Let’s build it and discuss the conditions later!