Re: DB Crime Rates

Dear DB residents,

Re: “DB – Central” Ferry Fare Increase

Last year, the ferry company, Discovery Bay Transportation Services Limited (DBTPL), applied for a two-year licence extension and a 9.5% fare increase. However, after residents complained about the size of the increase, DBTPL cut the licence extension to one year and threatened to abandon the service unless TD granted the full 9.5% increase. TD succumbed to DBTPL’s tactics and gave the company everything it wanted.

Just one year later, DBTPL has made a new application to TD to further increase fares by 4.1% for T-cards and 8.1% for single trips. If they succeed in their application, T-card users will have to pay $32 per trip while single-trip travellers will have to pay $40 per trip.

This would be the third increase since 2011. The increases, i.e. 2011 (7.5%), 2013 (9.5%) and 2014 (proposed 4.1%), are well over the rise in CPI and fuel prices. We just can’t allow this kind of fare hike year after year.

The existing licence will expire at the end of this month and, in order to prevent any last-minute tricks again this year, please write to TD and ask to have the ferry fares frozen for one year. The responsible TD officer and his contact details are as follows:

Mr. Michael Ng

Principal Transport Officer, Transport Department          

40/F, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Email:       michaelng@td.gov.hk

Fax:         2598-1292

Please also ask your Village Owners’ Committee (VOC) chairs and the school representative how he/she represented your views. Their submissions in response to the 2013 ferry fare increase consultation are attached for your reference. My submission is No. 1. I sent it to TD in the capacity of the Islands District Council Member (Discovery Bay) and the Chairperson of Beach VOC. I also attach the 13 emails claimed to be from DB residents supporting the ferry fare increase for fear of suspension of the ferry service for your information.

Thanks & regards,

Amy Yung

Islands District Council Member (Discovery Bay)