Re: DB Crime Rates


Dear DB residents

The Chief Executive announced early this year that a one-off grant of $100 million will be provided to each District to carry out Signature Projects. At a recent meeting of the Islands District Council, it was announced that only one to two projects would be supported in Islands District. The main criteria is that the project should be sustainable.

All land in Discovery Bay is private. Hence, we are not eligible to receive any funding for projects within DB. However, I realize that many residents are very keen on outdoor activities. The overwhelming support for a new hiking track to replace the one blocked by the new building site near the golf course shows that hiking is one of the favoured recreational activities of DB residents.

Therefore, with the strong support of experienced hikers, I submitted a proposal to build a hiking trail above the coast from Sam Pak to Disneyland. The entire length of the proposed trail is outside DB private land, and much of it is within Lantau North (Extension) Country Park. This project will benefit DB, Lantau, other Hong Kong residents and visitors to Hong Kong, and I believe that its wide appeal makes it a very strong contender for support.

I am therefore very pleased to announce that our proposal has been shortlisted for further consideration after the first stage.

Attached is the plan and sketches of our trail. We believe it is impractical to construct a trail along the coast because: (a) the coastline slope is very steep in places; and, (b) the cost of coastal protection would be large compared with the actual cost of the trail.  Therefore the best alternative is to build a trail between the 40m and 60m contours.  This could be done to the same standard as the Lo Fu Tau trail that Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department built several years ago above DB.

The neatest alignment would join the Disney reclamation near the mouth of the nullah that separates the reclamation from natural land on the west side.  This could be to a normal Country Park Trail standard, strengthened to withstand typhoon waves.  Permission would need to be obtained from Disney so that walkers could make use of their access road.  It is not practical to cross the nullah further upstream because of the presence of cliffs and the Disney railway, both of which would add to the cost. The total project cost is around $35 million.

 As each Islands District Council member will have 2 votes, I now appeal to you to support our project by writing to other Islands District Council Members to cast their votes for this project. You can obtain their email addresses from the following website:


Please feel free to distribute my Newsletter as widely as possible, to your friends, associations, social networks – anywhere so that as many messages as possible reach the District Council Members. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all DB residents who volunteered their time and expertise to help me prepare our proposal.

Yours sincerely

Amy Yung

Islands District Council Member (Discovery Bay)

Please feel free to forward this message to your friends and neighbours in DB.