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Question on sea pollution caused by black plastic pellets 
IDC, Tourism, Agriculture, Fisheries, Environmental Hygiene and Climate Change Committee 
Paper TAFEHCCC 71/2020 
 Ms Amy YUNG notified this Council that she would raise the following enquiry at the Tourism, Agriculture, Fisheries, Environmental Hygiene and Climate Change Committee meeting to be held on 28 September 2020: 
“   The environmental group “Plastic Free Seas” discovered that Yi Pak Wan in Discovery Bay was filled with black plastic pallets at the end of last month.  Although over two tons of black plastic pallets were salvaged in the five-day operation, more continue to wash up onto the shore and even adhere to shellfish.  The  material involved is the same as the rubber infill used on the multi-purpose artificial turf pitch for football and rugby activities in the vicinity, which is usually made of waste tyres. 
   As such, I would like Hong Kong Resort Company Limited (HKRC), Discovery Bay Services Management Limited (DBSML) and the Environment Bureau (ENB) to arrange representatives to attend the meeting and respond to the following: 
1. Have HKRC or DBSML inspected the above artificial turf pitch after the incident to find out if the plastic pallets involved are from the pitch and identify the material?
2. Will HKRC or DBSML use other materials to repair the pitch with plastic pallets peeled off and what measures will be taken to avoid recurrence of similar incidents?
3. Has ENB studied the impact of the rubber infill of the artificial turf pitch on the sea or deployed staff to clean up the plastic pallets in Yi Pak Wan?
4. Will ENB inspect the Government’s artificial turf pitches (especially those in coastal area) with other departments including the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and study replacing rubber infill with other materials to prevent plastic pallets from flowing into the sea and hence affecting the marine ecosystem?   ”
Islands District Council Secretariat File Ref.: IS 155/1/09 
Date: 11 September 2020 
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