Re: DB Crime Rates
Question on gatherings at holiday flats during coronavirus epidemic regardless of mass gathering ban
Islands District Council
Paper IDC 103/2020
Ms Amy YUNG notified this Council that she would raise the following enquiry at the Islands District Council meeting to be held on 1 September this year:
“   More and more people are visiting the outlying islands to stay away from the epidemic and, as private places are not subject to the prohibition on group gathering, some people even check into holiday flats for gatherings while some COVID-19 patients were said to have stayed in Bela Vista Villa in Cheung Chau.  As such, I would like the representatives of the Home Affairs Department and the Department of Health (DH) to respond to the following:
1. Would the Home Affairs Department impose restrictions on gatherings at holiday flats in outlying islands?
2. Would DH collaborate with the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department or the Hong Kong Police Force to step up enforcement in outlying islands of prohibition on group gathering?   ”
Islands District Council Secretariat
File Ref.: IS 152/1/72
Date: 17 August 2020
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