Re: DB Crime Rates
Question on taxis illegally entering Discovery Bay
Traffic and Transport Committee
Paper T&TC 38/2020
Ms Amy YUNG notified this Council that she would raise the following enquiry at the Traffic and Transport Committee meeting to be held on 20 July 2020:
“   At present, after entering Discovery Bay, urban and Lantau taxis are only permitted by law to drive to designated areas of Discovery Bay North; however, residents of Discovery Bay have on several occasions seen taxis carrying passengers and operating illegally in restricted zones (see photos attached).
As such, I would like Hong Kong Resort Company Limited (HKRC), the Hong Kong Police Force and the Transport Department (TD) to arrange representatives to attend the meeting and respond to the following:
1. The prevailing law specifies the designated operating areas of urban, New Territories and Lantau taxis, and taxis carrying passengers outside the designated areas will commit an offence.  Does a taxi driver commit an offence if the taxi concerned enters a restricted zone?
2. How many cases of taxi entering restricted zones have been handled by HKRC over the past two years?  Have any prosecutions been instituted by the Police and TD?
3. Would HKRC consider deploying additional security staff, installing warning signs or stepping up its usual publicity efforts to combat the problem?   ”
Islands District Council Secretariat
File Ref.: IS 140/5/02
Date: 5 July 2020
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