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Question on amending the allocated timeslot limit for use of Islands District community halls by organisations 
IDC, District Facilities Management Committee 
Paper DFMC 34/2020 
Ms Amy YUNG notified this Council that she would raise the following enquiry at the District Facilities Management Committee meeting to be held on 13 July 2020: 
“  As present, the venues of Islands District community halls (CHs) are allocated by drawing of lots and on a first-come-first-served basis with timeslot limit.  Applicants might apply for use of venues in the month and the next two months, subject to timeslot limit.  The first-come-first-served rule is intended to prevent organisations from occupying CH venues at all times but organisations holding activities weekly or biweekly will have to submit application forms repeatedly, which increase the work pressure of the applicant organisations and the frontline staff processing applications for hiring CH venues. 
As such, I would like the representative of the Islands District Office to respond to my proposal as follows: 
An applicant organisation holding regular activities in a quarter of the year is exempted from the timeslot limits for use of venues in the month and the next two months, and is allowed to make reservations for a maximum of 14 sessions (two hours each session) at one time.   ” 
Islands District Council Secretariat File Ref.: IS GR/11-60/5/5 
Date: 24 June 2020 
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