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Question on Environmental Levy Scheme on Plastic Shopping Bags
Islands District Council Paper 79/2020
Ms Amy YUNG notified this Council that she would raise the following enquiry at the Islands District Council meeting to be held on 22 June this year:
“    The Environmental Levy Scheme on Plastic Shopping Bags (Levy Scheme) which was introduced tentatively in 2009 with a charge of $0.5 per plastic bag was fully implemented in 2015.  Although inflation has continued to rise, the charge has not increased.  Over the past half year, since people ordered takeaways instead of dining in due to the epidemic, the consumption of plastic bags and disposable tableware must have increased.
As such, I would like the Environment Bureau (ENB) to respond to the following:
1. What are the changes in consumption of plastic bags from 2009 to date?
2. How does ENB evaluate the effectiveness of the Levy Scheme?
3. Would Hong Kong follow New Zealand and Southern Australia, etc. to prohibit some shops from giving out plastic shopping bags to their customers or impose a total ban on distribution of plastic shopping bags?   ”
Islands District Council Secretariat
File Ref.: IS 155/1/01
Date: 5 June 2020
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