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Question on public columbaria at Sham Shui Kok 
Islands District Council Paper IDC 67/2020 
Ms Amy YUNG notified this Council that she would raise the following enquiry at the Islands District Council (IDC) meeting to be held on 22 June this year: 
“     Over the past four years, the Food and Health Bureau (FHB) and the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD), on the pretext that the proposed Sham Shui Kok public columbaria is located in Tsuen Wan District, disregarded that Sham Shui Kok is located to the northeast of Lantau and discussed the matter at Tsuen Wan District Council (TWDC) meetings, and just issued circulation papers to IDC or responded to my written enquiries at most. 
  As such, I would like FHB and FEHD to arrange representatives to attend the meeting to explain the latest progress of the columbaria and whether IDC and TWDC would be consulted indiscriminately in future due to the special location of the columbaria. 
In addition, I would like the Transport Department (TD) to respond to the following: 
1. Apart from providing shuttle bus service at Sunny Bay Station, does TD plan to provide shuttle bus service in other locations?  If yes, does it include New Lantao Bus route no. 36 service on special days as the representative of the consultant stated at the meeting of IDC Traffic and Transport Committee on 17 January 2017?
2. While relevant discussion papers proposed the provision of parking area for Urban and Lantau taxis in Sham Shui Kok, at the TWDC meeting on 29 November 2016, the representative of the consultant claimed that according to the papers, only New Territories taxis would be allowed to enter Sham Shui Kok.  Would the department clarify whether there is plan to amend existing law to allow New Territories taxis to operate on Cheung Tung Road?  ”
Islands District Council Secretariat File Ref.: IS 141/4/02 
Date: 7 May 2020 
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