To discuss the community affairs and policies with the Government departments and related organizations, the Islands District Council and its Committees organize meetings regularly.

The following are the schedules of meetings of the Islands District Council and its Committees in 2020, if you want me to reflect your opinions in the meetings, please feel free to contact me.

Islands District Council

17 February

20 April

22 June

1 September

19 October

14 December

Traffic and Transport Committee

23 March 18 May

20 July

21 September

16 November  

District Facilities Management Committee 

18 March

11 May

13 July 14 September 9 November  

Tourist, Agriculture, Fisheries and Environmental Hygiene Committee

30 March 25 May 27 July

28 September

23 November  

Community Affairs, Culture and Recreation Committee

16 March 4 May 6 July 7 September 2 November


Lantau Area Committee



Islands District Fight Crime Committee