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Further Information Received on 10/02/2017

Responses to departmental comments including Response-to-Comment table, revised Master Layout Plan, ground floor layout plan and proposed zoning plan, perspectives, revised Air Ventilation Assessment, revised Technical Note on Marine Moorings, revised Study on Water Supplies System, revised Environmental Assessment, typical construction method for piling works, location of the existing and proposed sewage pumping stations and justifications of proposed sewage treatment level.

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Not sure what's going on? Read the following:

  1. Application papers by HKR to amend DB outline zoning plan (at Peninsula)(10b)
  2. Briefing Handout
  3. Amy Yung's Powerpoints: 10b (at Peninsula)
  4. Andrew Burn's Powerpoint
  5. Letter to COC from Jeremy Marriott, HKR, on 10 July, 1995
  6. COC Meeting Minutes, 17 July, 1995
  7. Extracts from Parkvale Village Sub-DMC
  8. Legal Advice on Major Roads and Passageways from JSM
  9. Application Y/I-DB/3 Area 10b Responses to departmental and public comments and enclosing revised Landscape Master Plan, Traffic Study, Environmental Study and additional photomontages (1)

Public Comments:

  1. Application Y/I-DB/3 Area 10b Public Comments
  2. Application Y/I-DB/3 Area 10b Public Comments (second round)
  3. Application Y/I-DB/3 Area 10b Public Comments (third round)