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To have more diversity in schools in our district and give parents more choices in selection of schools for their children, the following new schools are introduced in the district:

1. A through-train private independent school

The following information is provided by the Education and Manpower Bureau:

Area N4b, Discovery Bay
Sponsoring body
English Schools Foundation
Estimated completion day
Early 2008
Proposed facilities of seconday section
30 classrooms, 6 design and technology rooms, 2 art and design rooms, 2 physics laboratory, 2 biology laboratory, 2 integrated science laboratory, a chemistry laboratory, a music room, a computer room, a computer-assisted-learning room, a home management room, a needlework room, a geography room, a drama studio, a language room, a multi-purpose room, an interview room, a guidance activity room, an assembly hall, staff rooms and other ancillary facilities
Proposed facilities of primary section
18 classrooms, 6 small group teaching room, an art and craft room, a music room, a general studies room, a language room, an interview room, an assembly hall, staff room and other ancillary facilities
Proposed facilities shared by between the secondary and primary sections
A general office, a staff common room, 2 conference rooms, a library, a multi-purpose area, a performance arts centre, a swimming pool, a printing room, a medical inspection room and a security store
The school will open the physical education facilities, the performance arts centre and other facilities suitable for opening for public use during non-school hours

2. A through-train aided school

The following information is provided by the Education and Manpower Bureau:

Area N4a, Discovery Bay
Sponsoring body
Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong
Estimated completion day
Pending for negotiation between EMB and the developer
Map Click here to view the location of the Area N4a and N4b

3.YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College

Tung Chung
Sponsoring body
Type of school
An English secondary school under the Direct Subsidy Scheme
Homepage and relevant information of the school